In 1975, Starsound Audio, Inc. was started by Scott Bergstrom.

Starsound Audio, Inc. has done thousands of unique, custom concert productions over the years - the concert department off of the Truckee River in industrial Sparks has played a fundamental part in Starsounds presence in the Reno/Tahoe area. 

Today, we have a fully stocked Retail store, expansive automated website, sturdy equipment for rent, custom installations and much more.


Over the past 40 years, we've helped these great events be even greater with concert excellence in sound engineering, lights, and FUN!

Hot August Nights

Eldorado Italian Festival

Hot Air Balloon Races

National Air Races

Nugget Rib Cook Off

4th of July Events

Street Vibrations

and much more . . .


We offer drop shipping on this website for your order. We will notify you before your order is processed if your order happens to be a drop-ship for confirmation. If you do not wish for your order to be drop shipped, your order will be cancelled and any funds collected from you will be returned in a timely manner.

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New Products at Starsound Audio, Inc.

  • CAD Audio GXL2200BP Condenser Microphone

    Regular Price:

    We highly recommend this microphone for all your vocal & acoustic guitar studio recording needs. Comes with a shock mount for any mic stand mounting.
  • Roland JD-Xi Interactive Analog/Digital Crossover Synthesizer

    Regular Price:

  • ADJ Focus Spot Three Z

    Regular Price:

    The ADJ Focus Spot Three Z is a 100W LED Moving Head with motorized focus and motorized zoom allowing for a variable beam angle from 12 ~ 18-degrees.
  • ADJ Visi Beam RXOne

    Regular Price:

    The Vizi Beam RXONE, is a compact and quick moving head with a potent 1R HTI long life lamp that produces a super sharp 3-degree beam of light that travels up to 100 meters.
  • X-Laser EZ (Online) Variance Kit

    Regular Price:

    Throughout the history of entertainment laser projectors, the FDA variance process has discouraged many from starting to use high powered lasers legally due to its complexity and long processing times.
  • X-Laser Aurora 4G Green Laser

    Regular Price:

    X-Laser has unveiled the highly anticipated quad-aperture lasers that can captivate audiences in an entirely new way.
  • X-Laser Aurora 4C Full Color Laser

    Regular Price:

    X-Laser has unveiled the highly anticipated quad-aperture lasers that can captivate audiences in an entirely new way.
  • X-Laser Caliente Aurora Full Color Aerial Effect Laser

    Regular Price:

    After months of development, X-Laser finally has a fully color-mixing Aurora laser: the Caliente Aurora.
  • American DJ Inno Pocket Z4

    Regular Price:

    The Inno Pocket Z4 is a mini ZOOM Moving Head that creates beautiful washes of color with its 10-60-degree beam angle. Its compact size and lightweight makes it ideal for mobile entertainers, small club and bars, roller rinks, bowling centers, churches or any mobile production. Compatible with the ADJ Airstream IR App.
  • American DJ Vizi Beam 5RX

    Regular Price:

    The Vizi Beam 5RX Moving Head fixture features the revolutionary Philips® Platinum 5R lamp, motorized focus, PowerCon In/Out, frost filter, 8-facet prism and stepper motors for speed and accuracy.
  • American DJ AV6 LED Video Wall Panel

    Regular Price:

    The AV6 is an affordable 6mm LED Video panel designed for nightclubs, bars, bands, mobile entertainers, event productions and houses of worship.
  • American DJ VMS5 MIDI Controller

    Regular Price:

    6 channel stand alone Midi Controller with 2 Phono, 4 Line, 4 USB, 2 Microphone inputs