ULTRAMATCH SRC2000 Format Converter


Ultra-Linear Sample Rate / Format Converter and Jitter Remover

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  • Accepts sampling frequencies from 25 kHz – 60 kHz; converts into output frequencies 44.1 kHz or 32 kHz
  • Selectable input (XLR, RCA, optical)
  • Output signal format can be specified—no incompatibilities
  • All outputs (XLR, RCA, optical) are concurrently active (splitter, signal distribution)
  • Enables manipulation of Emphasis and copy prohibit bits
  • Transformer balanced In-/ Outputs
  • No ground loops even through RCA (coaxial) inputs
  • Reliable operation even on weak input signals (as found when using damaged cables
  • Removes Jitter and corrects detuned or wrong sample rates
  • Can be used to change incorrect Emphasis coding
  • Removes copy prohibit bit
  • Self configuring digital Anti-Aliasing filter
  • THD under 0.001%, Noise below -95 dBFS
  • Universal external synchronization via separate wordclock input
  • Extremely fast tracking allows even for varispeed applications
  • Automatically resynchronizes varying sample rates
  • Master units (CD-Player, DAT) can be used in slave mode
  • Corrects unformatted passages on DAT and other media
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life

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