Soteria ThermaVu- Body Temperature – Thermal Imaging Devices (RENTAL)


  • 8 in. IPS full-view LCD display
  • 8GB ROM 
  • WIFI, ethernet, USB 

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Peace of Mind in a new kind of world

ThermaVu Accurately, quickly, and easily scan the temperature of one person at a time through accurate, non-contact temperature checking for both individuals AND groups, Soteria scanners make it possible for you to safely, quickly, and accurately detect body temperature and help keep everyone healthy.

  • Scans one person at a time 
  • Highspeed body temperature detection with facial recognition 
  • 5 ft. detection range  
  • Abnormal temperature warning
  • Identifies mask
  • API docking support
  • Runs on a reliable and stable Android system
  • Binocular wide dynamic camera with night infrared vision and LED dual photo flood lamp


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