behringer x-live

Behringer’s X-Live Expansion Card for X32 Mixing Consoles

Multi-Track Like Never Before

behringer x-live

behringer x-liveThe Best Just Got Better

Behringer has already revolutionized digital mixing with their release of the X32 mixing consoles. Now they are expanding, with the release of the X-LIVE.

Starting 2018 HOT, Behringer’s X-LIVE expansion card turns your existing X32 mixing consoles into a fully-operational, multi-track digital recorder. Now, what this means is that you don’t have to connect your mixer to a computer any longer to get crisp, digital multi-tracks of your live shows & performances. This is huge, as it opens the door for so many possibilities with churches, venues, events, bands and more to record the highest quality .WAV multi-tracks, faster & easier than ever.

Simply replace your existing expansion card (typically a USB or firewire port, depending on your setup) and update your X32’s firmware and you’re ready to multi-track record. It’s that easy. Orders yours from us, and exchange your existing card for a $10 credit towards your purchase of the X-LIVE.

So far, these cards have been flying off our shelves. We most likely won’t be able to keep these in stock, so order yours today before they are all gone. The X-LIVE expansion cards go for $199.99 + tax or shipping.

In Stock, Ready to Ship

Contact John or Cameron at (775) 331-1010 to order yours today.

behringer x-live

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